Tour Operators

Gorilla Tour Operators in Uganda and Rwanda

There so many tour operators and Travel Agents to organise your gorilla safari in Rwanda and Uganda. For us, we give you a list of the credible safari companies respecting sustainable tourism development and supporting local communities around different gorilla parks. Among these include the following;

4×4 Uganda

4×4 Uganda limited offers the most affordable 4×4 rental Cars in Uganda and other East African countries like Rwanda, Kenya and Tanzania. They are the 4×4 rental specialists in the region and can match your needs for a 4×4 rental vehicle to suit any budget. Their fleet consists of vehicles such as Toyota Prado (TZ, TX, GX, VX and 3.0 Liter), Land Cruiser Hardtop, Super Custom, Toyota Hiace Wagon, Land Rover and Toyota Rav4. 4×4 Uganda Limited offers vehicles for leisure, business and safari holidays, with or without a driver (Self-drive).

Tel/Watsapp: +256-773728141

Rental Cars Uganda

They have a big fleet of fantastic 4×4 cars for hire with or without driver (self-drive rental) and they include Toyota, Super Custom, Hiace Wagon, Rav4, Land Cruiser Prado with a sunroof pop-up roof as well as Land cruiser hardtop also with pop-up roof for perfect game viewing and taking photos while on your safari in East Africa. Hire a 4×4 car with Rental Cars Uganda Limited and take a self-drive holiday into some of the world’s most impressive game reserves and wilderness areas in Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya and Tanzania.


African Jungle Adventures

With over 13 years experience, this company offers cheap and memorable holiday packages with extremely knowledgeable guides to over thousands of tourists to East Africa. We offer activities like gorilla tracking, chimps and other primates, wild game viewing, white water rafting, mountain hiking, hotel reservations, Ticketing, Visa application, 4×4 car rental services and fantastic boat cruise among others.

Tel: +256-772561508

4×4 Self Drive Kenya

This is one of the leading car rental companies in Nairobi with over 12 years of experience in car rental services around East Africa. They offer many economy and luxury cars for self-drive and on request, they offer a 4×4 with a professional and experienced tour guide/drivers. By renting a car from 4×4 Self Drive Kenya, you stand a great opportunity to get more discounted offers from other service providers like accommodation if you request our team to book for you.


Rwanda Gorilla Trekking

Rwanda Gorilla Trekking is internationally famous for offering fantastic and unrivalled safari packages in Rwanda, at very competitive prices. They do offer Eco and Responsible gorilla tours and wildlife safaris in Rwanda and beyond. Part of the revenues directly benefit all front-line communities around National Parks in Rwanda as an incentive for wildlife conservation for future generations.

Tel: +256-701728141

Rwanda Gorilla Safaris

No. One gorilla safari company in Rwanda, locally based in Kigali, the capital city of Rwanda, with a sales office in Kampala – Uganda Capital. They offer a wide variety of gorilla safaris, wildlife tours and cultural excursions around Rwanda. They extend their operation into Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania.

Tel: +256773728141

Rwanda Gorilla Specialists

These are the specialists in mountain gorilla safaris in Rwanda (Volcanoes National Park), Uganda (Bwindi Impenetrable Forest and Mgahinga National Parks) as well as in DR Congo’s Virunga National Park. they also offer Volcano hiking adventures such as Mt. Nyiragongo and Nyamurangira in DR Congo, Mt. Bishoke and Karisimbi in Rwanda.

Tel: +256 (0)773-728141

Gorilla Expeditions

Gorilla Expeditions Limited welcomes to Uganda and Rwanda for your gorilla safari in Africa. They offer a great opportunity to encounter these gentle giants in their natural habitat. There is no glass or barbed wires, it is just you in the wild with the mountain gorillas. We offer cheap and memorable gorilla tours in Uganda’s impenetrable forests of Bwindi and Mgahinga National Park, Rwanda’s Parc National Des Volcans and Virunga National Park in Democratic Republic of Congo. These are the only destinations in the world where you can see the mountain gorillas in their natural habitat. Gorilla Expeditions Limited not only offers mountain gorilla tours but also low-land


Flying Safaris Uganda

With Aerolink Uganda Limited, you can fly to any Uganda tourist destination in less than an hour. This is the only airline offering daily domestic scheduled flights in Uganda today, connecting you to areas such as Kidepo Valley National Park in the north (Apoka / Pakuba Airstrips), Western Uganda destinations such as Kibale, Queen Elizabeth, Semilik national parks (Kihihi, Kasese and Semilik Airstrips), Bwindi Impenetrable Forest and Mgahinga National parks famous for gorilla trekking in Uganda (Kisoro / Kihihi Airstrips) among others. Aerolink Uganda runs scheduled domestic fights in Uganda on a daily basis. You can plan a memorable Uganda flying safari package based on their daily flight schedules.


Uganda Wildlife Authority

This is a semi-autonomous government agency that conserves and manages all National Parks and wildlife reserves in Uganda for the people and the whole world at large. UWA was established in 1996 after the merger of the Uganda National Parks and Game Department, and the enactment of the Uganda Wildlife Statute. It became an Act in the year 2000. The Uganda Wildlife Authority was mandated to ensure sustainable wildlife resources management and promote sustainable tourism development in the country.

This Jurisdiction has 10 national parks and 12 wildlife reserves. The Uganda Wildlife Authority has played a vital role in managing Uganda’s tourism potentials and promote sustainable tourism. Furthermore, UWA manages 05 community wildlife management areas and 13 wildlife sanctuaries. The major challenges to UWA’s roles include poaching and human-wildlife conflict among others. Visit UWA website for more information;

UWA Head Quarters Location
Plot 7 Kira Road, Kamwokya.
P.O. BOX 3530, Kampala
Tel: +256 414 355000, +256 312 355000
Reservations: +256 414 355 405/404/403/400

Rwanda Development Board

RDB’s main objective is to transform Rwanda into a dynamic global hub for business, investment, and innovation.

Physical Address 
KN 5 Rd, KG 9 Ave
P.O. Box 6239 Kigali, Rwanda
Fax: +250 252 580388

Gorilla Doctors

A Team of Doctors dedicated to saving the mountain gorillas and eastern lowland gorilla species in the Virunga Massif shared by Uganda, Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo. There currently only 880 mountain gorillas left in the whole world living in their natural habitat. Our veterinary team regularly monitors the health of mountain and Grauer’s gorillas and intervenes to treat individuals with life-threatening illness or injury whenever possible. Our team also help rescue and treat mountain and Grauer’s gorillas orphaned by poachers.

Donor Contact:
Desiree Aguiar, Development Assistant

Donations can be mailed to:
MGVP, Inc.
P.O. Box 356
Davis, CA 95616

Gorilla Doctors / MGVP, Inc. is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization.
Tax ID: 06 – 1752363.

International Gorilla Conservation Programme

The IGCP is a unique coalition of international conservation organizations joining forces with national and local partners to ensure the long-term survival of the now critically-endangered mountain gorillas. We work in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda, and Uganda.

IGCP Directorate
PO Box 931, 5th Floor Tele10/Canal+ Building,
Gishushu, Kigali, Rwanda
T: +250 252 580 465

United Kingdom
Fauna & Flora International
Jupiter House 4th Floor, Station Road
Cambridge, UK, CB1 2JD
T: + 44(0) 1223 571000
F: +44(0) 1223 461481

Climbing Rwenzoris

This company is located in Kampala, the capital city of Uganda. They organise memorable and affordable Rwenzori trekking adventures to different peaks like Margherita (Mt. Stanley) at 5109 Meters above sea level. They offer trekking services to other peaks such as Mt Baker at 4,842 metres and Weismann’s Peak at 4,620 metres above sea level. This company not only organise trips to Mt. Rwenzori but also to Mount Elgon in western Uganda. Other services offered include gorilla trekking tours, wildlife safaris, boat trips, chimpanzee tours and bird watching among others. Rwenzori trekking to the highest point (Mt. Stanley) goes through the central and takes between 7-8 days. For more information, visit our website below;

Gorilla Trips Africa

Founded in 1997, Gorilla Trips Africa is among the best travel companies in East Africa. We offer to tourists different services such as; Uganda tours, hotel booking, flight booking, and other travel services in Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya, Burundi, Tanzania, and the Democratic Republic of Congo with the Best Price Guarantee.

We specifically cooperate with trusted partners including hoteliers, cruise lines, and local suppliers to offer perfect and memorable safaris in East Africa tourists at an affordable cost.
Through, we are committed to providing our clients with reliable services and genuine value at the best cost.

Our vision is to be the best and leading tour company in the East African Region that connects all the service providers so as to supply tourists with the best and full service, touristic packages at affordable prices and profiting all the people around us.

Physical Address
Hoima Road, Kampala
P.O. Box 30790 Kampala, Uganda
Office Line: +256-392-000834
Tel: +256 772 561508

4×4 Self Drive Africa Ltd

4×4 Self Drive Africa is a locally owned car rental agency founded in 2015 with the main aim of providing reliable car rental services to both travelers on business and safari trips on the African continent. In recent years we managed to expand and by the year 2020, we have established over 200 branches across the continent. We offer self-drive safaris, car hire, safari car rental, car rental with a driver and we also organize overland safaris in Africa. In addition to that, for tourists who would love to explore the African Continent on their own, we have a very strong and reliable 4×4 vehicle they can hire self-drive and explore the whole of the African continent on self-drive.

Physical address
Adress: P.O Box, 30790, Hoima Raod – Uganda
Call: +256 701 728 141
Office: +256-392-000834

Gorilla Safaris Lodges

Are you looking for where to stay while on your gorilla safari in Uganda or Rwanda?? Gorilla safari lodges have a list of all accommodation options in Rwanda’s volcanoes National Park, Uganda’s Bwindi forest and Mgahinga National Park. We assist we making reservations for accommodation, gorilla permits and safari planning.

4×4 Tanzania

4×4 Tanzania welcomes you to East Africa! This is one of the leading car rental companies in East Africa with several rental locations in Mwanza, Arusha, Dar es salaam, Tanga and many more. We have a wide variety of 4×4 cars such as Land cruiser GX, VX, V8, Hardtop, Nissan Safari, Nissan Patrol, Rav4 and Land Rovers. We have a one-way-rental system where you can hire a car in one city or country and drop it in another city/country agreed upon. For instance, you can hire a 4×4 car in Mwanza and drop it in Arusha or Moshi or Dar es salaam, or rent it in Arusha and drop it in Nairobi Kenya or Kampala Uganda. For more information, contact 4×4 Tanzania on the following address;
Watsapp: +256-773-728141

Gorilla Trekking Permits

Don’t get stuck if you want to book gorillas and chimpanzee permits in Uganda, Rwanda and DR Congo. These are specialists in planning and running gorilla trekking safaris in all the 3 countries where gorillas are found.

Gorilla Safari Uganda Limited

Also known as “The Gorilla Specialists”, Gorilla Safari Uganda Limited specializes in gorilla trekking tours into Mgahinga National park and Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, both located close to one another in southwestern Uganda. The two destinations are the best and safest gorilla safari destinations in the world, with about 20 habituated gorilla families.

Besides gorilla tracking, Bwindi impenetrable National Park further offers other tourist activities such as; The Batwa Experience, Bird watching, Forest walk, Nature walk to Munyanga Water Falls, village walks and community tours among others.

Mgahinga National Park, on the other hand, offers you birding experience, golden monkey tracking, nature walk, Mountain hiking (Gahinga, Sabyinyo and Muhabura peaks) and the Batwa Trail among others. For reservations, contact us below;