Tips to Get Filming Permits in Uganda

How to Get Filming Permits In Uganda

Are you interested in filming or photography in Uganda and you aren’t sure of how you can get a permit? Here is how you can get filming permits in Uganda. Uganda has positioned itself as one of the top filming locations in Africa. It is a naturally endowed destination from nature to unique cultures.

Regardless of your filming interests in Uganda, film crews or production companies must obtain valid filming permits. These are obtainable through a reliable tour operator on ground. Among the filming permits, you should have on a filming trip in Uganda include filming permits, media cards, location permits, security, equipment bond, and permits. Processing some of these items takes time and can be stressful that is why we encourage you to get in touch with our team of experts.

All film crews or production companies on filming tour in Uganda National Parks and Wildlife Reserve are required to show relevant filming permits. If you are visiting National Parks or Wildlife Reserves in Uganda, film crews or production companies can apply for filming permits from Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) or via the approved local agency/tour company.

The 2nd stage for visitors interested in wildlife photography or wildlife filming includes initiating discussion with filmmakers or photographers in order to agree on activities. After, the application letter will be required of photographers or filmmakers to be submitted addressed to;

  • Uganda Wildlife Authority
  • Communications Manager at UWA headquarters
  • Plot 7, Kira Road, Kamwokya
  • O. Box 3530 Kampala, Uganda

UWA will acknowledge receipt of all applications and this will be within 24 hours and not beyond 48hrs. You are advised to submit your application 3 weeks before the actual date of photography or filming.

All film applications shall be assessed carefully while ensuring that filmmakers achieve their filming objectives in Uganda.

UWA will issue filming permits to film crews or filmmakers planning to go engage in filming activities in the parks or reserves. This is done while observing the recommended number of filming standards or terms and conditions.

The synopsis should accompany the applications for photography or filming. It should be noted that filming fees exclude park entrance fees, camping.

The essential documents for applying for filming permits in Uganda include a valid passport, filming license, filming pass, filming equipment details, refile details, application form, script and synopsis/storyboard, a formal letter of application.

Who should go filming in Uganda?

Filming in Uganda is open to all foreigners and residents of Uganda. He or she should have valid filming permits or licenses. Foreigners are also required to present tourist visas.

Filming fees

Filming charges differ significantly as follows; less than half an hour= shs. 30,000. 30-60 minutes fees to be paid shs. 40,000; 60-90 minutes 50,000 shillings, over 90 minutes 70,000 shillings. Gorilla permit filming costs USD4200, chimpanzee permit filming costs USD1050.

Cost of media card/press accreditations

If you plan to stay for 30 days, expect to pay US Dollars 175 per person, 6months stay US Dollars 225 and 2 years stay filming media cards cost USD325 per person. All media cards are issued by Uganda Media Council. Press accreditations or media cards are issued to individuals or film crew members after they have filled the form G. The form G should be accompanied by a recent passport-sized photo, scanned passport, or bios page, and processing the cards can take 2 to 3 working days.

Other significant filming services offered by Crystal Fixers Uganda Ltd include location scouting, kit clearance services, crew accommodation, means of transportation to and from filming location, film crew security, and others. There are several amazing things to film in Uganda from wildlife to culture.