What our clients say about our services!

Below are some of our past clients feed back for September and October 2014. We can send you their email contacts on request to avoid scammers.

 James Leeson & Claire, 15th Sept 2014

Hi Steve, I just wanted to say thank you to yourself and Patrick for a fantastic trip through Uganda and Rwanda last week. We were very happy with all of the accommodation (in particular Le Bambou in Rwanda and the Eganzi Lodge in Queen Elizabeth NP) and the activities we took part in. The entire trip went very smoothly and left us with amazing memories from tree climbing lions in Ishaha to the mountain gorillas in the Volcano National Park.

Above all we thought Patrick did an amazing job. He was incredibly informative about the areas we visited, drove us safely and promptly on good and (very) bad roads and was great company throughout. He also went out of his way to ensure we had everything we needed and was more than happy to accommodate all of our requests from photos to toilet stops!!

Thank you again for a great trip and hopefully we’ll be back soon.

James and Claire

Caitlin M & Reid G, Oct 2014

Hi Steve,
Thank you for such a great trip.
I had an outstanding time! I will encourage my friends to go for this once in a life-time experience. Chris is very knowledgeable and has lots of experience with gorillas trekking himself. I learned a lot about the gorillas and trekking before our actual trekking day. Mountain gorilla view lodge is very nice and relaxing with great food and local dancers. The morning before trekking there is a large gathering and outstanding dance group.
The Rwanda park guides who took us were great.
Thank you very much.
Caitlin & Reid


Victor & Leah, Germany, Oct 2014

Hello Steve. We arrived safely in our cold country Germany. The tour was excellent and were all very happy. Thank you very much for such good organization!! I promise to recommend your company to my friends in Germany. Please forward my greetings to Patrick and thank him for careful driving despite the road being bad (Gishenyi – Gisakura) with very sharp corners. Also thank him for being so kind to us and feeding us with all the information we wanted.
Thanks, Victor and Leah.