Airport Guest House Entebbe Uganda

Airport Guesthouse is located on Plot 17 Mugula Road, Entebbe in Wakiso district. The guesthouse has 10 rooms in total, 6 rooms with big double beds and 3 rooms with 2 single beds in each plus 1 room with 3 single beds.

airport-viewThere is also a family house which can accommodate 5 visitors with a living and dining room. Late arrivals, tired, hungry visitors can have a stop at Airport Guest House for meals, refreshments or dinner before proceeding with their Journeys to other parts of the country. Even those willing to catch their flight very early morning can spend their night here to avoid missing their flight, the next day.

Another offer is that the lodge provides free airport transfer and pick up at any time of the day or night. Airport Guesthouse Entebbe is also ideal if you just want to spend a few days relaxing away from the noise of busy Kampala. While in Entebbe you can undertake many different activities like visiting the Uganda Wildlife Education Centre which is 30-minute walk or 10 minutes drive from the guest house, The visit to the lush Botanical Gardens for swimming or boat trip is also awesome, Visitors can also visit the Ngamba Island to see the orphaned chimpanzees on a speed boat for visitors on a fixed time or slow boat for those willing to stay for more days, birding safari to the Mambamba Swamp for the rare Shoebill stork and many more swamp birds, transfer to Zika Forest which has peculiar tranquility that is foreign to other forests. Zika forest has five canopies, red-tailed, and grivet monkeys, the dwarf bushbaby, the Potto and the African and palm civets, Butterflies and moths species among others.

Bold visitors can transfer to the Uganda Reptile Village to view reptiles like snakes, crocodiles among others. The Uganda Reptile village was founded in 2003 by a group of community youths within Bunono village in Entebbe, Uganda with the aim of protecting the endangered reptiles within Uganda’s ecosystem.